Volvo Unveils First Production Self-Driving Truck with Aurora

Aurora and Volvo launch the first "production-ready" self-driving truck.

Ex-Google, Uber, and Tesla executives launched Aurora, an autonomous driving technology firm.

The new truck transports large distances based on Volvo's VNL Class 8 semi-truck.

It is fully equipped with sensors and cameras for Aurora's Level 4 autonomous driving system.

Integrated with Aurora's self-driving technology and software, the truck can drive itself.

President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, Nils Jaeger, calls this vehicle the first of their worldwide autonomous technology platform.

This platform promotes autonomy and new models for Volvo Group truck brands, locations, and use cases.

For widespread manufacture of self-driving trucks, focus on purpose-built vehicles.

These trucks will be made in Volvo's Dublin, Virginia, New River Valley factory.

Aurora began working with Volvo in 2018, which makes 10% of Class 8 trucks.

Aurora has 1.5 million miles on commercial roads, testing their technology.

Aurora will launch 20 completely autonomous vehicles this year and 100 by 2025.

Aurora works with Continental to offer driverless trucks commercially by 2027.

Autonomous trucks, like robotaxis and privately owned autonomous vehicles, suffer market exits and project delays or scalebacks.

After failures, some automakers are developing autonomous vehicles with specific deployment timelines.

Accidents involving Tesla and Cruise have tarnished public opinion of autonomous vehicles.

One of Cruise's cars hurt a pedestrian, freezing operations countrywide.

Aurora did not have any significant incidents or regulatory issues.