Volkswagen's Campervan California, Belongs in the USA Market

Even though VW hasn't sold a new campervan in the U.S. for years, its brand is almost associated with the famous campervan.

This is especially aggravating for camper van lovers as Volkswagen makes a modern camper van-

called the California, which is sold abroad but not in the U.S. A pop-up tent and twin sliding doors are standard on the newest California campervan,

one of three factory-built conversion vans marketed in Europe. The entry level vehicle seats six comfortably, but the Ocean trim is more luxurious.

It has a small kitchen, roof storage, freshwater tank, secondary air heating, automated temperature control, and-

a convertible bed under the tent. Buyers can choose a gasoline, diesel, or plug-in hybrid engine.

Bringing the California to the U.S. wouldn't be cheap, but it might compete with the pricey conversion vans that Americans love.

Being factory-built by the van's manufacturer gives the California dependability and consistency.

There are no pricing specifics for the new model, but the California won't be an entry-level choice. Are U.S. buyers prepared to buy a Volkswagen campervan-

that costs more than the brand's other high-end models? The current model begins at little over £61,000, or $77,000 USD.

Today's market, where SUVs are made for car camping and van life influencers are posting their pricey Sprinter conversions on social-

media, is the perfect time for Volkswagen to return to camping. Even newer generations who never bought VW campers from dealerships cherish the brand's history.

Volkswagen may capitalize on the California campervan to attract younger buyers who want to travel.