Volkswagen Delays ID.7 Electric Sedan in North America

Volkswagen confirmed Wednesday that its outstanding ID.7 all-electric sedan, a rare car in the US, won't be coming to the US.

Changes in "market dynamics" and high US SUV sales are cited.

VW planned to debut its first electric non-SUV in the US with the ID.7 in Europe 2023. After releasing the ID.7 Tourer, 

the sedan's station wagon, the carmaker says demand is "higher than expected, especially in Germany."

The retro-inspired ID Buzz microbus EV and upgraded 2024 ID.4 SUV with increased EPA range and performance will arrive in the US this year.

The need for a new four-door family car is disappointing but is typical in the US, where SUVs and trucks replace sedans.

The ID.7 sedan would compete with Hyundai's Ioniq 6 and Tesla's revised Model 3. 

Most US all-electric cars are premium models like the Lucid Air and Mercedes-Benz EQS and EQE, which cost over $70,000.

Volkswagen's delay follows Volvo's EX90 and Ford's next-generation EV delays. Despite rising US EV sales, several pure-

electric automakers are losing money due to price cutbacks, charging issues, and political objectives.

Legacy automakers may rely on gas automobiles to earn money.

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