USPS Acquires Six Pod-Like Delivery Vans from EV Startup Canoo

Deployment with USPS: Cano's LDV190 vans are now up and running at the South Atlanta Sorting and Delivery Center for the USPS. This is a big step forward for mail delivery!

USPS's EV Infrastructure Expansion: This rollout is part of USPS's bigger plan to boost its electric vehicle (EV) setup. They're aiming to install-

over 14,000 EV charging stations across the country and have ordered 9,250 Ford E-Transits to electrify their fleet.

Exploration of Diverse EV Solutions: Even with its plans with Ford, USPS is checking out different EV options.

They've teamed up with Canoo and bought six right-hand-drive LDV190s to explore a variety of solutions.

Canoo's Role in Fleet Electrification: Canoo is super proud to be in the running for helping USPS electrify its fleet. The company is steadily moving towards mass-

production, with some early deliveries to the Oklahoma state government and deals with other partners like Kingbee.

Previous Deliveries: Last November, Canoo handed over its first production-ready Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles to the Oklahoma state government. They're now up and running in Pryor and Oklahoma City.

Commercial Focus: Cano's kicking things up a notch by supplying LDV130 models to Kingbee's van rental service.

They've agreed to provide 9,300 units, showing their move towards focusing on commercial vehicles.

Specifications of the LDV190: The LDV190 is Canoo's new take on their 2019 pod-style minivan. It packs a punch with a rear-mounted electric motor boasting 200-

horsepower, letting you zip to 60 mph in under 9 seconds. With a 79.0-kWh battery, you can cruise for over 200 miles on a single charge, and it supports fast charging, too.

It's a bit longer than the largest Ford Transit Connect models and comes with a two-seat setup. The van weighs 4740 pounds and can carry a payload of 1763 pounds.

Inside, you'll find a 10.2-inch touchscreen, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel—pretty cosy, right?

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