Toyota Recall Alert: Toyota is set to recall over 100,000 SUVs and pickup trucks in the U.S. due to engine debris issues.

Affected Models: The recall impacts 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks and Lexus LX600 SUVs.

The issue is tied to the V35A six-cylinder engine.

Engine Contamination: – Manufacturing debris may contaminate the engine, potentially causing main bearings to fail.

This defect can lead to engine stalling and loss of drive power.

 Potential Risks: Engine malfunction may result in engine knocking, rough running, or a no-start condition.

Loss of motive power at high speeds increases crash risk.

Number of Vehicles: Approximately 102,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles are involved in this recall.

Owner Notification: Affected vehicle owners will be notified by late July 2024.

 Manufacturer Statement: Toyota explained the defect involves crankshaft main bearings and engine machining debris.

Continued operation at higher loads can cause bearing failure.

 Previous Recall: Last month, Toyota also recalled about 55,000 Prius and Prius HEVs from 2023-2024 model years.

The issue was related to electronic rear door latches that could short circuit due to water entry, posing a risk of doors opening while the car is in motion.

Safety Recommendations: Toyota advised owners of affected vehicles to enable a feature that auto-locks doors when shifting from Park.

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