Tesla Shows Off Its Future Electric Vehicles at Stockholder Meeting

Three New EVs Were Teased: Elon Musk showed off three mystery cars that were hidden.

No specifics were given, but the sample picture gives us a good idea of what it might be about.

What Elon Musk Said: Musk told us, "Obviously, we've got some new products we're working on under the covers."

He added, "I think these are going to be pretty special." Speculated Vehicles: Vehicle 1 looks taller and more boxy.

Thought to be a car, possibly called "Cybervan." Possible move into the market for commercial or passenger vans.

The Ford E-Transit, the Ram ProMaster EV, the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter, and GM's BrightDrop Zevo are all competitors.

Vehicle 2 has a low, smooth shape. It could be the second-generation Roadster, which was first shown off in 2017.

The production has been put off until 2025. Vehicle 3: The Tesla robotaxi is most likely it. Teased for reveal on August 8.

There is no turning wheel or pedals, and the vehicle can fully drive itself. It may be called a "Cybercab."

Model 2 Speculation: A more cheap car than the Model 3. Pricing rumors say $25,000 to begin with.

While the state of the development is unknown, it has not been officially canceled.

Production Timeline: All three cars' production is probably going to be delayed.

It is still important to focus on increasing output of Cybertrucks and full-scale Semis.

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