Tesla Stops Cybertruck Deliveries Because of Problems with Windshield Wipers

Cybertruck Delivery Halt: It appears that Tesla has temporarily halted deliveries of the all-electric Cybertruck, as there seems to be an issue with the windshield wiper motor.

Forum Reports: According to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, there was a temporary pause in deliveries for about a week.

Several owners have reported experiencing delivery delays as a result of the wiper issue.

No Official Recall: Tesla has not issued a recall regarding the Cybertruck's windshield motor.

It seems that there are some concerns from owners regarding the functionality of the single wiper blade. However, the specific details of the problem are not clear.

Repair Delays: According to reports, Tesla has notified certain owners that the motor replacement process may take a few weeks.

A previous owner shared a concerning incident where they got caught in a rainstorm because of a faulty wiper, highlighting the potential danger.

Forum Discussions: Several members recommend trying Rainx as a temporary solution.

Unfortunately, Rainx may not be as effective when driving at low speeds or in heavy rain conditions.

Future Repairs: There have been some concerns about the possibility of all the current wiper motors-

failing, as indicated by a new part number that suggests a potential redesign.

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