Attention owners of Rivian: This is a very important safety message about possible problems with your car's wheels and control arms.

Reported Issues: Owners of Rivian R1T automobiles have recently reported that some cars may have serious safety problems after minor service repairs or normal maintenance.

In particular, many cases of wheels have reportedly come off during maintenance. It seems that this issue dates back to 2022.

Incident Reports: Case 1: After Rivian serviced the tonneau cover and other parts, one owner claimed that their front passenger wheel had fallen off.

Driving across railroad tracks is what caused the tragedy to happen. Case 2: Another owner experienced a similar problem. The repair facility almost caused an interstate-

collision by improperly torquing the nut on the control arm. Not surprisingly, two weeks later, the issue reappeared.

Case 3: When a different owner delivered a car with only 44 miles on it, they discovered that a lower control arm bolt had come almost out of the assembly.

The Previous Recall: Due to a possible problem with the upper control arm fastener, Rivian issued a recall in late 2022 for 12,212 cars,

including the R1T, R1S, and EDV models. Rivian said, "A loose steering knuckle fastener could separate, causing a loss of vehicle control and increasing the risk of a crash."

Recommendations: To protect your safety, if you own a Rivian car, especially an R1T, kindly do the following:

Verify Recall Status as follows: Verify if the recall process was carried out and whether your car was part of the 2022 recall.

Inspect Fasteners: Make sure the torque on your upper control arm fastener is correct. If you are still unsure, visit a Rivian service facility for a comprehensive examination.

Report Issues include: contacting Rivian support immediately if you notice any unexpected behavior while driving, such as a peculiar sensation or sound coming from the wheels.

Rivian has confirmed the claims and is looking into the matter right now. We have their word that further details will be sent out as soon as possible.

Remain alert and safe. Please don't hesitate to contact Rivian for assistance if you need it.

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