Nissan's EV Plans: Nissan is reassessing its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) plans and investments.

– The automaker has halted development on electric sedans planned for its Canton, Mississippi plant.

– Initial production for a Nissan-branded BEV sedan was set for 2025, with an Infiniti version to follow.

Production Delays: This marks the second delay, pushing timelines from June 2026 to November 2026.

– A $500 million investment to convert the Canton plant into an EV hub is also postponed.

Current Production: Canton currently builds the Altima, Frontier, and Titan.

– Production capacity is 410,000 units/year, but projections are around 210,000 units for the financial year ending March 2025.

Future Production Plans:  Nissan is considering prioritizing crossover production over sedans.

– The revised plan may include two midsize crossovers and a third electric crossover, codenamed PZ1L.

Market Conditions:  EV sales are increasing but at a slower rate than previous years.

– Cox Automotive reported a 2.6% increase in Q1 EV sales this year compared to a 46% increase in Q1 2023.

– Nissan saw a 7% increase in overall sales in Q1 compared to last year.

Supplier and Market Strategy:  Nissan aims to inform suppliers about new plans next month. Some suppliers are skeptical, predicting a longer delay.

– Nissan may wait until after the upcoming presidential election to finalize long-term plans.

Future Timeline: If plans proceed as scheduled, Nissan will start assembling its electric sedan in November 2026.

– The Infiniti version is expected to follow in April 2027.

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