Mercedes-AMG Reveals CLE53 Cabriolet - Softtop Sibling to the CLE53 Coupe

Mercedes-AMG has just unveiled the CLE53 cabriolet, the convertible version of the recently launched CLE53 coupe.

This new addition to the AMG lineup is set to hit U.S. dealerships in the latter half of the year, offering a luxurious open air driving experience.

Under the hood, the CLE53 cabriolet is powered by a 443 horsepower 3.0-liter straight six engine, which utilizes both a turbocharger and a 48 volt electric compressor-

for enhanced performance. The electric compressor helps build boost at low revs and delivers an overboost function.

A 48 volt starter generator can provide up to 23 horsepower and 151 pound feet of torque, although it doesn't increase the overall peak output.

There is a torque converter in the nine speed automatic transmission that goes with the engine, and all wheel drive is standard. 

The CLE53 cabriolet boasts a torque peak of 413 pound feet, which can be increased to 443 pound feet for up to 10 seconds with the overboost function.

Aesthetically, the CLE53 cabriolet features a more aggressive design compared to its non-AMG counterpart.

The vehicle is wider, with enlarged fenders to accommodate the-

increased front and rear track widths. A new vertically slatted radiator grille, larger air inlets in the front bumper,

and a prominent hood vent further enhance its sporty appearance. The suspension settings are slightly softer than those of the CLE53 coupe, but the cabriolet still-

utilizes steel springs and standard adaptive dampers. A rear wheel steering system is also included,

improving maneuverability at low speeds and stability at higher speeds. The folding multilayer soft top is available in black, red, or gray and incorporates sound-

deadening acoustic layers. It can be operated in about 20 seconds at speeds up to 37 mph.

An electrically powered wind deflector and the neck warming Airscarf system for front-seat occupants come standard.

Inside, the CLE53 cabriolet features a central 11.9 inch portrait oriented touchscreen that can be adjusted to reduce reflections when the roof is open.

The leather upholstery also receives a special coating to minimize heat absorption in direct sunlight.

Pricing details have not been released yet, but expect the Mercedes-AMG CLE53 cabriolet to command-

a significant premium over the $68,100 starting price of the Mercedes CLE450 cabriolet.