Introducing the Mercedes Mythos Series: Mercedes-AMG proudly presents the inaugural vehicle in the exclusive Mythos series, the PureSpeed concept.

The PureSpeed concept is revealed just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26th.

Notable Design Features: A delightful two-seater roadster perfect for enjoying the open air, with a design that-

embraces the freedom of the road by forgoing a roof, windshield, and side windows. The main highlight of this is a halo bar that draws inspiration from Formula 1.

SL-Class Convertible Basis: It seems like a modified version of the SL-class convertible, without the roof and windshield.

Includes bodywork, headlights, and taillights from the standard SL model. Embracing the rich heritage of Mercedes'

motorsport legacy, this design takes inspiration from iconic legends that have graced the racetracks.

The 300 SLR Tribute features elegant flying buttresses positioned behind the seats, paying tribute to the iconic 300-

SLR that was famously driven by Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson in the historic 1955 Mille Miglia race.

The AMG One Influence includes carbon-fiber wheel covers that not only enhance aerodynamic efficiency but also-

improve brake cooling, giving it a striking resemblance to the AMG One hypercar. One-of-a-kind Paint Job: The paint job on this-

vehicle features a smooth transition from a vibrant red at the front to a sleek graphite gray and black at the rear.

Historical Homage: The red paint is a friendly nod to the 1924 Targa Florio race in Sicily.

Engine Speculation: It is anticipated that the upcoming model will come equipped with either the powerful 577-

hp twin-turbocharged V-8 from the SL63 or the impressive 805-hp hybrid setup from the SL63 S E Performance.

Unique Idea: "Represents the utmost level of exclusivity," as stated by AMG chairman Michael Schiebe.

Only 250 units will be produced worldwide as part of the exclusive Mythos series.

Pricing and Availability: Unfortunately, the pricing details have not been disclosed, making it quite challenging to obtain one.

Extra Perk: Lucky owners of Mercedes vehicles will receive a pair of helmets that are specially designed for optimal aerodynamics, completely free of charge.

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