McLaren's SUV Ambitions: Historical Stance: Former CEO Mike Flewitt vowed in 2019 that McLaren would never build an SUV.

Current Development: New CEO Michael Leiters confirms McLaren’s plans to develop a plug-in hybrid vehicle that aligns with the SUV category.

Concept and Design: Leiters describes it as a "shared performance vehicle" with more than two seats, aiming for broader usability than current McLaren models.

Past Models for Reference: McLaren has previously built cars with three seats, such as the F1 and Speedtail, but the new model aims to be larger and more practical.

Architecture: This new model won't use McLaren's existing carbon-fiber supercar architecture.

Partnership Plans: McLaren plans to partner with a larger automaker to share technology and platform. Potential partners include BMW, Geely, Hyundai, and Lucid.

Ownership: Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat, now owns 100% of McLaren, which may help in forming new alliances.

Plug-In Hybrid Preference: Leiters prefers a plug-in hybrid, possibly utilizing McLaren's existing V-6 PHEV from the Artura or the more powerful V-8 PHEV under development.

Integration: Ideal scenario involves integrating McLaren's powertrain into an existing platform from a partner company.

Production Plans: Likely to be built by the partner company due to the integration challenges at McLaren's Woking facility.

Customization and Technology: The vehicle will maintain high levels of bespoke optioning and cutting-edge technology, focusing on lightweight construction.

Market Strategy: Positioned at the higher end of the luxury SUV market, comparable to Ferrari's Purosangue and Rolls-Royce's Cullinan.

Price Estimate: Expected to be around the $400,000 mark.

Launch Timeline: Even with a soon-to-be-signed deal, the new model is still several years away from market release.

Market Adaptation: The vehicle's life span may be limited by upcoming bans on combustion-engined cars in various regions.

Radical Shift: If successfully developed and launched, this SUV will mark a significant departure from McLaren's traditional supercar lineage.

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