Kia Recalls 2022 Niro EVs Due to Battery Safety Issue

Kia is recalling 2,209 Niro EVs from the 2022 model year because of a potential safety issue with the high-voltage battery.

The battery's safety plug can overheat and melt, possibly leading to a fire or loss of power while driving.

According to the Safety Recall Report, the problem arises from the “contact surfaces of the high voltage battery safety plug,” which-

might develop high electrical resistance over time. Kia suspects this issue stems from a flaw during the manufacturing process by their supplier.

This defect could become dangerous if it happens while the vehicle is being charged or driven.

In such cases, the safety plug can melt, leading to a possible loss of power or even starting a fire.

Kia first noticed a potential problem in July 2023 when a Niro EV shut off while driving. A dealer found that the safety plug was melting. Initially,

it seemed to be a one-time incident. However, Kia continued investigating and sent parts to Korea for a detailed analysis.

They also learned about a similar case in Portugal. In February of this year, Kia North America received a report of a Niro EV that wouldn’t start.

A dealer inspection revealed a melted safety plug. By March and April, three more cases had surfaced.

While Kia has not reported any injuries, crashes, fatalities, or fires related to this issue, they are taking precautions.

Owners are advised not to charge their vehicle in a garage or any covered structure until the recall repair is completed.

Dealers will fix the issue by replacing the safety plug with a new one that has a solid connection, eliminating the problematic terminal.

For more information, owners should contact Kia directly.

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