Upcoming Facelift for Jeep Grand Cherokee - It's interesting to note that prototypes of the updated Jeep Grand-

Cherokee have recently been spotted on public roads, only weeks after confirmation.

Prototypes Spotted - Two prototypes were spotted by spy photographers, testing alongside a model that has not yet received a facelift.

The white and silver models are fitted with 21-inch alloy wheels, indicating the high-spec Summit trim.

Visual Updates - Camouflage primarily emphasizes the front end, concealing the emblems of Jeep and Grand Cherokee.

I noticed some interesting updates on the vehicle. There are new vertical DRLs, redesigned intakes, and the ADAS sensors have been relocated.

The shape of the headlights may remain the same, but there could be some changes to the LED graphics.

Possible changes to the taillights and rear bumper are being considered for future prototypes.

Interior Upgrades - The center console is covered, suggesting that there may be some exciting infotainment upgrades on the horizon.

Recently moved sensors indicate possible enhancements to the active safety capabilities.

Mechanical Speculations - We don't have any official information about any mechanical upgrades at the moment.

There have been rumors going around that the V6 and V8 engines could potentially be discontinued.

There's been talk of a potential addition to the engine lineup - a turbocharged ICE option.

Rumor has it that it could be the Hurricane 3.0-liter inline-six.

Release Timeline - The fifth-generation Grand Cherokee was unveiled in January 2021 for the long-wheelbase version and in September 2021 for the standard model.

There are rumors of updated versions coming next year, potentially as the 2026 model year.

There is some exciting news coming up for the Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Compass, and Cherokee models. Stay tuned for updates!