Honda Targets Boost in EV Sales with New Kei Van Lineup

Honda wants to sell more electric vehicles (EVs) in Japan by focusing on kei vans, one of the country's most popular types of vehicles.

Japanese roads are full of these small, city-friendly cars, and the electric N-Van e: is made to meet a wide range of needs.

The N-Van e: was first shown off in December 2022, and it builds on a van model with fuel engines that came out in 2018. 

The car still looks tall, narrow, and boxy, but different trim levels have small changes to how it looks. For instance, the e: FUN version has round LED-

inserts in the headlights that look like they belong in a museum and come in special color combinations.

Honda wants the N-Van e to be useful in many situations and wants to ensure a version is available for almost every type of customer.

The first set of trim settings is called e: L4, e: FUN, e: G, and e: L2. e: L4 - This four-seater model is flexible and can be used for both commercial and pleasure purposes.

e: FUN—This trim is also a four-seater, but it's more for fun and has a fancier interior. e: G is a single-seater type with a new dashboard that can hold longer things.

e: L2: Has two seats set up in a tandem arrangement. Honda has revealed that all models will be driven-

by a single electric motor that drives the front wheels. The battery pack can go up to 152 miles.

Full specs have not been released yet. This is more than enough for the average kei van's deliveries in cities. 

Even though the van now runs on electricity, it still has a big trunk. The e: G, a single-seater, costs ¥2,439,800, which is about $15,600, and the e: FUN costs ¥2,919,400, which is about $18,600.

On the other hand, the gas-powered N-Van starts at ¥1,365,100, which is around $8,700.

Honda thinks its new electric cars will help it sell more EVs in Japan by focusing on the key van market.