2025 Ford Maverick Spied Undisguised in Sporty Trim

In 2022, Ford revitalized the compact truck segment with the Maverick, a small hybrid pickup. Now, Ford plans to refresh this popular model for 2025.

Additionally, a performance variant—possibly named the Lobo—appears imminent, as spy photos show a sporty Maverick model driving without camouflage.

New Headlight Design -  One of the most striking changes in the Maverick prototype is the updated headlight design. The previous C-shaped headlights around a-

horizontal grille trim piece are now a hooked L shape. This change is expected across the entire Maverick lineup.

The prototype suggests a sportier Maverick with a more assertive look. It features a blacked-out grille with vertical slats and an updated Ford-

logo similar to the F-150's. The front bumper includes a wide air intake and fog lamps beneath a trim piece spanning the truck's width.

A radar sensor in the lower grille hints at upgraded driver-assistance technology.

Unlike previous models, this Maverick features a body-colored front bumper, side sills, bed rails, and rear bumper, likely exclusive to the sporty variant.

The black-painted roof adds to its distinctive look. The most eye-catching feature is the new 19-inch black aerodisc wheels, reminiscent of OZ-

Racing wheels on classic Ford rally cars like the Escort RS Cosworth. These "turbofan" wheels were hinted at during the 2021 SEMA show with a modified Maverick by Tucci Hot Rods.

The name of this sporty Maverick is still undecided. The ST badge could be fitting, but the Lobo name—trademarked by Ford last year—is also a strong contender.

Interestingly, the prototype had a Lariat badge on the front fender, suggesting the sporty model might be a-

package available across the Maverick lineup, similar to the Tremor off-road package. The current hybrid model offers 191 horsepower, while the turbocharged-

four-cylinder option provides 250 horsepower, reaching 60 mph in 5.9 seconds. Although a manual transmission would be welcome, it seems unlikely.

The refreshed Maverick is expected to debut later this year. Stay tuned for updates on the Ford Maverick's refresh,

promising better performance and new design elements for this popular compact truck.