Ford Performance previously set an Open Class record with the SuperVan based on a Transit EV (8:47.682 ET).

This year, Ford Performance will tackle Pikes Peak with the F-150 Lightning-based race truck.

Introducing the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck EV Demonstrator

First clear look at the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck EV Demonstrator.

Vehicle features wild widebody aerodynamics and a massive wing producing 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph.

Built in collaboration with STARD Advanced Research and Development.

Performance Insights and Expectations: No power or torque figures revealed yet.

A clip shows the SuperTruck EV in action, sounding like an angry Gundam mech.

Awaiting specs ahead of its Pikes Peak run on June 23.

Research and Development Testbed: The SuperTruck EV Demonstrator serves as a testbed for Ford's electric powertrain R&D.

Performance at Pikes Peak will inform software calibration and battery cell chemistry for future vehicles and race cars.

Comparative Analysis: This is the second Ford F-150 Lightning project from Ford Performance, following the "Switchgear" co-developed with RTR racing.

Anticipation builds on whether the SuperTruck can beat the SuperVan's 2023 record.

Stay tuned for the Pikes Peak challenge on June 23!

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