Ford Blames Machines for Faulty F-150 Windshields

Unexpected Fresh Air: Certain Ford F-150 models might experience an issue where the windshields can unexpectedly detach.

This problem turns the trucks into unexpected convertibles.

Over 4,300 F-150s have been recalled by Ford due to this issue.

Poor Bonding: Some 2024 F-150 models may have an issue with the windshield not being properly bonded to the frame.

Being less connected during a crash can lead to a higher likelihood of getting hurt.

Failure to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Production Fault: Due to a malfunction in the windshield position equipment at the assembly plant.

There was an issue with the application of the urethane bead that was used to mount the glass.

Affected Vehicles: There were a total of 4,361 F-150s manufactured between April 28, 2024, and May 2, 2024.

Indicators of the problem include an abundance of urethane sealer on A-pillar trims, noticeable wind noise, and instances of water leaks.

Detection: The issue was identified by Ford's Critical Concerns Review Group on May 9, 2024.

The Kansas City Assembly Plant personnel noticed an out-of-position urethane sealer and alerted the team.

AI-assisted photo analysis has confirmed the affected vehicles.

No Reports of Accidents: There have been no warranty claims, field reports, customer complaints, accidents, or injuries related to the issue.

Recall Process: Dealerships were given information on July 1, and owners were notified by July 8.

Instructions for dealerships to remove and replace the windshield, utilizing cameras for alignment if necessary.