Fisker is no longer operational, but owners are still encountering numerous challenges.

It's evident once again that the company is recalling 12,523 crossovers in Europe and North America.

The recall affects Ocean EVs from 2023 and 2024 due to a problem with the outer door handles.

The company hasn't provided much information at this point, but they did mention that there-

may be an issue with the handles getting stuck due to a malfunctioning mechanism.

As part of the recall, technicians will carefully inspect all four side door handles using a specialized tool provided by the door handle supplier.

All handles that do not meet safety and operational standards will be replaced as part of the recall.

Fisker has estimated that a small percentage of Oceans may have defective handles. However, they have taken the proactive step-

of conducting a voluntary recall to prioritize the safety and accessibility of the vehicle for its passengers.

Transport Canada and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are currently working on posting recall notices to their websites, so we-

should be able to find out more information soon. Meanwhile, the company has assured that owners will be notified by August 30.

Customers should consider acting quickly as Fisker has recently filed for bankruptcy and is currently seeking to sell its assets.

Fisker mentioned that there are 8,204 vehicles in the United States, with an additional 3,806 in Europe. Canada is home to the remaining 513.

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