The Next Evolution in Horology and Hypercars Bugatti Tourbillon

Horology, the science of measuring time, has always been about precision and craftsmanship.

But when Bugatti steps into the realm of horology, it does so with a $4.6 million masterpiece—the Tourbillon.

This isn't just a hypercar; it's an art piece with a 1775-hp hybrid V-16 powertrain.

Replacing the legendary Chiron, the Tourbillon raises the bar for hypercars.

But how do you top a car that’s already the pinnacle of excellence? Bugatti’s team, led by design director Frank Heyl, pondered the same question.

"How do we make a car relevant at a Concours in 2075 without looking silly in a time that will have holographic-

displays or augmented-reality contact lenses?" Heyl mused. The answer? An interior that merges cutting edge technology with timeless analog charm.

A Dashboard Like No Other: The Tourbillon features a gauge cluster reminiscent of high-end mechanical watches.

Mounted directly to the steering column, it remains visible at all times. Created by a Swiss watchmaker, the-

gauges boast raised numbers and physical needles encased in milled sapphire crystal glass.

For those seeking even more personalization, Bugatti offers customization options. Want a Tiffany Blue 5711-themed Tourbillon? You got it.

And if you can’t imagine a $4.6 million car without a screen, there's an option for a retractable display that can fold out of sight.

Limited Production, Exclusive Ownership: Bugatti plans to produce only 250 units of the Tourbillon, starting in 2026.

And if you’re not already part of Bugatti's elite customer base, getting your hands on one might be tough.

The brand is prioritizing sales to their established clientele. Ready for More? Dive deeper into the 2026 Bugatti Tourbillon by-

reading our full breakdown and exclusive interview with Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac.