FAA Certification Granted: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Archer Aviation-

the Part 135 certification, a crucial step towards flying travelers.

Electric Air Taxis (eVTOLs): Archer is developing electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

United Airlines Partnership: United Airlines has backed Archer and believes eVTOLs could reduce emissions and facilitate airport transport in congested areas like Manhattan to Newark.

Operational Approval: The Part 135 certification allows Archer to operate as an airline and carry passengers.

Documentation and Procedures: Archer submitted over 2,000 pages of documents and 14 manuals-

detailing operational procedures, training, and maintenance for certification. Next Steps - Aircraft Certification: Archer is working on getting FAA certification -

for its four-passenger aircraft, "Midnight," which may enter service as early as next year.

Aircraft Specifications: Maker: Demonstrator aircraft with a range of 60 miles and top speeds of 150 mph.

Midnight: Designed with a 100-mile range but intended for shorter trips. United Airlines' Collaboration: United and Archer are working on-

integrating the air taxis into service at airport hubs, a process that involves significant coordination.

Production Partner: Archer has partnered with Stellantis to produce hundreds of electric air taxis.

Industry Competition: Competitor Joby Aviation has already received its Part 135 certificate, has a partnership with the U.S.

Air Force, and is supported by Delta Air Lines. Joby plans to acquire Xwing's autonomy division.

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