2027 Dacia 'Baby' SUV to Replace Sandero Stepway

Upcoming Dacia SUV: Exciting News: Dacia has announced the development of a brand new SUV that will be-

unveiled in 2027, replacing the popular Sandero Stepway. Segment Focus: Positioned in the highly sought-after B-SUV segment, with the goal of taking advantage of the Duster's success.

The transition from Sandero Stepway: The Sandero Stepway has proven to be a major hit for Dacia, accounting for a whopping two-thirds of all Sandero sales.

Drawbacks: Despite its impressive performance, it still falls short when compared to genuine subcompact SUVs, as it is essentially a raised hatchback.

The new model will feature an authentic SUV design, all while keeping its compact size intact.

Dacia's SUV Lineup Expansion: The Duster has expanded in size, making room for a new, smaller companion.

Exciting News: The upcoming SUV is expected to measure around 4,150 mm (163.4 inches) in length.

The Bigster SUV is scheduled to make its debut in 2025. It promises to be a larger and more spacious option for SUV enthusiasts.

Strategic Differentiation: Dacia is focused on ensuring that the new model stands out from the Sandero Stepway, so as to avoid any negative impact on its sales.

Other competitors in the market include the Citroen C3 and Fiat Grande Panda.

Design Inspiration: Speculative Renderings: Drawing inspiration from the Manifesto concept and the Sandrider Dakar Rally contender.

Practical Design: Anticipated to feature a familiar B-SUV stance with rugged accents.

Interior and Practicality: With a taller body, you can expect to find more interior space in comparison to the Sandero Stepway.

Convenient Features: Comes with Dacia's YouClip mounting system for effortless customization.

Shared Platform and Powertrains: The CMF-B Architecture is expected to be based on the Renault Group's platform, which other Dacia models also use.

Dacia's value-for-money character is maintained through the use of the Economy of Scale.

Powertrain Options: ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine, while LPG refers to Liquefied Petroleum Gas. On the other hand, we have Mild-Hybrid and Full-Hybrid.

These terms are commonly used in the automotive industry to describe different types of engines and powertrain technologies.

Future Possibilities: Possibility of a fully electric version by 2028. There is a possibility of having AWD (All-Wheel Drive), but it is more probable to have FWD (Front-Wheel Drive).

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