2026 BMW iX facelift Features a Glowing Grille, More Power

Last year, BMW's EV sales rose 92% internationally. The iX SUV will be refreshed mid-cycle to boost these figures.

While the upgrade may not change its look, it will boost power and driving range.

Despite modest changes, the iX's distinctive front grille will remain. The SUV's front may include BMW's Iconic Glow illumination package,

distinguishing it from the 7-Series and X7's two-tier headlights, according to spy reports. The iX will have a new daytime running light (DRL) design to match other BMW facelifts.

Redesigned air intakes and a larger front bumper give the iX a bolder appearance. Door mirror updates are stated, although they are minor in black-and-white spy photos of iX prototypes.

Under its skin, the iX will be improved. New model badges indicate these upgrades, with the iX xDrive45 replacing the xDrive40, the xDrive60 replacing the xDrive50,

and the iX M70 replacing the M60. These modifications include electrical and mechanical enhancements that promise higher power and a longer driving range for each variation.

Power output, now 322 hp and reaching 610 hp, is planned to be increased to meet the i7's 650 hp arrangement, along with range enhancements.

This is especially expected for the European basic model iX xDrive40, which has a low 264-mile range. BMW and Our Next Energy (ONE) in Michigan tested an iX model with a-

Gemini dual-chemistry battery last year, attaining 608 miles per charge. The upgraded iX may have a longer range, which excites prospective owners.

The updated iX will debut in 2026 in North America (2025 elsewhere) alongside BMW's Neue Klasse electric car project.

Following recent concept shows, this new range is expected to comprise a 3 Series sedan and an X3-sized SUV, presumably dubbed i3 and iX3.