2025 Kia EV6 Refresh Unveiled in Korea, Hinting at U.S. Updates

Since it first hit the scene in 2022, the Kia EV6 has won the hearts of our team, and guess what? It's getting even better for the 2025 model year! Kia just-

showed off the Korean-spec version of the EV6 today, with a fresh look and a bigger battery to boot. While we got a-

sneak peek with a few teasers earlier this month, today we're getting a full-on look at the revamped model.

Big news for the EV6 - it's getting a new battery pack! Just like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 got a refresh in March, the Kia EV6 is saying goodbye to its old 77.4-kWh battery-

and hello to a shiny new 84.0-kWh pack. This upgrade should give it a nice boost in range. For the rear-drive models,

we're expecting this change to bump up the current 303-mile estimate to about 325 miles. How cool is that?

For the latest EV6, this cool upgrade is expected to bump up the range for rear-drive models to about 330 miles, a nice jump from the current 310 miles.

In our previous adventures, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive Wind model happily cruised 230 miles on a single full charge during our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test.

The biggest update for the 2025 EV6 is definitely its larger battery, but that's not all there is to get excited about. One of the first things you'll notice is the cool redesign of the headlights.

They now have this sleek, angular C-shaped LED running lights that really wrap around the main lighting unit beautifully. Around the back, the taillights keep their-

smooth, swooping shape but have added a neat triangular swoop at each end. Plus, the GT-Line model is rocking some fresh front and rear bumpers, making it stand out from the crowd.

Inside, the new EV6 features an even cooler "more sophisticated panoramic curved display." While we're still figuring out all the updates,

this setup keeps the digital gauge clusters and infotainment screens together under a sleek, single curved piece of glass.

We're excited about the latest interior updates! Say hello to a new steering wheel, a better wireless charging pad that keeps your phone snug, a cool fingerprint-

authentication system, and fresh infotainment software with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We're pretty sure these updates will make it to the U.S.-

spec EV6 when it launches, which should be soon, especially since the updated version has already made its debut in Korea.