While the average person often frets over depreciation, the affluent have different concerns—like maintaining their-

status by not being seen in outdated luxury cars. Rolls Royce understands this and has a unique strategy: making-

minimal changes during facelifts. This approach ensures their prestigious clientele remains satisfied.

In recent years, the Phantom and the Cullinan SUV have undergone subtle mid-life updates so discreetly that the-

changes are barely noticeable. The smaller Ghost sedan will soon receive a similar, understated makeover.

Previously, we observed the refreshed Ghost being tested in snowy Sweden. However, new images in bright springtime conditions-

provide a clearer view of the updated exterior. The minimal camouflage on the front suggests that most design changes are confined to the-

vehicle's nose, with the profile and rear likely remaining unchanged, except for a redesigned taillight graphic.

The front LED lights are noticeably slimmer, and although it's difficult to confirm, they seem less rectangular than the current model.

The camouflage might be playing tricks, but the lights appear more eye-shaped, with a narrower section near the grille to create a distinct look from other Rolls Royce models.

The lower bumper is also new, featuring horizontal slats emphasizing the car's width. The ADAS sensor below the license-

plate has also been reshaped, likely offering enhanced driver assistance capabilities. Unlike the last prototype, this one has the Spirit of-

Ecstasy concealed below the hood line. Yet, the iconic grille and RR badge unmistakably make it a Rolls Royce Ghost.

While the Cullinan recently debuted an illuminated grille, the Ghost already has this option.

One feature that will remain unchanged is the Ghost's 6.75-liter V12 engine. This twin-turbo motor produces 563 hp (570 PS) in its-

standard form and 592 hp (600 PS) and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque in the Black Badge variant. These outputs match those of the facelifted Cullinan,

indicating the Ghost will likely retain its current power levels when the updated model debuts later this year.