The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC – 2024

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC – 2024: In the vast expanse of the digital cosmos, a new year has begun for PC gamers excited to connect with others and engage in friendly competition in the vastness of space. Multiplayer space games are the ultimate form of relaxation.

They provide an opportunity to explore vast galaxies, form alliances, engage in thrilling space battles, and participate in player-driven economies. Get ready to explore the vast online worlds of 2024 as we present the most fascinating multiplayer space games in the PC gaming universe.

Join us on this exciting journey! Discover various online platforms, cooperative adventures, and immersive role-playing adventures. We’ll provide insights into the top games, helpful tips for getting started, and a sneak peek into the exciting future of space gaming.

Selection Criteria:

We have curated a selection of games perfect for multiplayer fun, ensuring an incredible gaming experience. We considered all the essential aspects – the depth and richness of the game world, the stunning graphics, the enjoyable and satisfying gameplay, the vibrant in-game community, and the responsiveness of the developers to address issues and listen to player feedback.

Here are The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC – 2024

Space Engineers: Outposts

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC - 2024
image Credit: Keen Software House

Space Engineers have always been beloved by people who have a deep fascination for space and are intrigued by the complex engineering task in such an environment. The game has attracted a loyal following with its intricate mechanics and the endless possibilities it provides for unleashing creativity.

The game makes a significant leap forward by introducing the ‘Outposts’ expansion. This expansion introduces a colony-building mechanic, which enhances the gameplay by adding a new element of creation.

Players have the exciting opportunity to design and build their outposts, which brings a whole new level of strategy and personalization to their space engineering adventures.

This update invites players to embark on a thrilling journey of exploration, innovation, and expansion, allowing them to reach new heights in their gaming experience.

Dual Universe

dual universe 1
image credit: Novaquark

Paris-based game development company Novaquark creates first-person space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dual Universequark.

It is said to blend components of Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, Space Engineers, Eve Online, and Star Citizen. Players may modify the environment by erecting buildings and changing the topography of the game’s continuous single-shard universe.

They can even write the parts of Aeroplanes and other player-built things. A significant emphasis is also on enabling cooperative social gaming with exploration, asteroid mining, crafting, trading, politics, and combat.

It depends on a server technology called a Continuous Single-Shard Cluster, or CSSC, according to Novaquark, which enables simultaneous gameplay by all players in the same universe without the need for player zone instancing or loading screens.

Lethal Company

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC - 2024
image Credit: Zeekerss

The idea behind Lethal Company is simple: you and a group of friends in orange jumpsuits get jobs to search through abandoned space stations full of unimaginable horrors. As everyone stumbles around looking for loot, this first-person survival horror game is scary and funny.

Close voice chat and worlds full of danger make this one of the most chaotic multiplayer games. When three other greedy pilots walk next to you, the space is the last thing on your mind.

EVE Online

EVE Online
image credit: CCP Games

Experience a whole new world—among the stars! There’s no other game quite like EVE Online on PC. It’s a massively multiplayer RPG where players have complete control over everything. It’s a vibrant galaxy where countless capsuleers come together to engage in battles, trade, mining, and exploration.

Venture beyond the secure confines of your police-patrolled starting system and you’ll discover a cutthroat, interstellar frontier, where piracy, espionage, and scams abound. Whether you’re engaged in an epic space battle with high stakes or simply exploring the vast world of New Eden, EVE offers an unforgettable experience.

Destiny 2

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC - 2024
image credit: Destiny 2

Bungie’s captivating FPS/MMO hybrid showcases stunning alien landscapes that are a treat for the eyes on a PC. Every location is a joy to explore and conquer, from the forested ruins of Earth and the frigid barrens of Europa to the cosmic beauty of The Dreaming City.

Despite Bungie’s decision to remove some planets, the game consistently adds more lore and story with each new expansion, along with thoughtful improvements to its iconic classes and gear.

No Man’s Sky

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC - 2024
image credit: Hello Games

This is easily one of the most stunningly colorful sci-fi universes you’ll find on PC—the seamless jump from space to a planet’s surface is Absolutely impressive.

And with cool updates adding things like base-building missions and real multiplayer, there’s always something fun to dive into when you land on these worlds. Plus, the procedural generation has been fine-tuned to create even weirder, more beautiful planet surfaces.

Star Trek Online

The Best Multiplayer Space Games on PC - 2024
image credit: Cryptic Studios

Suppose you’re a fan of the long-running franchise. In that case, Star Trek Online offers a one-of-a-kind chance to join Starfleet (or the Klingon Empire) and explore the vast universe that countless players have already ventured into.

Star Trek Online provides a captivating role-playing adventure where players can fully engage in the intricate world of the Star Trek universe. It presents various ethical challenges, global diplomacy, and fascinating extraterrestrial societies to discover.

Thanks to its dedicated player community and regular updates, Star Trek Online constantly improves. The game introduces new storylines, ships, and systems, providing new and experienced players with exciting new adventures in space.

Considerations When Choosing a Multiplayer Space Game

It’s important to pick a suitable online space game for you. Before you jump into the unknown, here are some things to think about:

Gameplay Depth and Complexity

Some players like games with long learning curves and complicated rules, while others would instead just start playing. When picking a game, think about how involved you want to be.

Community Size and Activity

The number of people who play a game and how active they are can significantly affect your experience. Being part of a lively community can make gaming more fun and make finding people to play with easier.

Regular updates and interaction with developers

Updates that happen always add new content, fix bugs, and often listen to what players have to say. Engaged developers care about their game and the people who play it.

The Future of Multiplayer Space Games on PC

The rules for online space games are always changing. Here’s what we think will happen in the future with this exciting subject.

Trends to Keep an Eye On

Adding virtual reality, cross-platform play, and the growth of new AI for more dynamic player encounters are some of the trends we’re keeping an eye on.

Changes in gaming technology

As technology improves, it will change what kinds of games can be made and how big, complicated, and interactive they can be. Each jump in space games can only make the experience more realistic and fun.

Tips for Getting Started in Multiplayer Space Games

These tips will help you get the most out of your online space game when you’re ready to take off.

Join the Right Community: Being a part of a helpful community not only makes group games more fun, but it’s also a great place to find tips, tricks, and friends. Find busy communities, social media groups, or even groups run by players in the game.

How to Pick the Best Game for You: There are many ways to play games. Some are great at questing and role-playing, others are great at fighting, and still others are great at just exploring. Choose a game that you’re interested in.

Making the Most of Multiplayer Features: Get involved in your neighborhood, join a club or a business, and make friends. When you play online space games, the best times are usually the ones you share with other people.

Staying up to date on game changes: Make sure you know about any changes, updates, or new events in the game. To stay up to date, you can join groups, follow the game on social media, and look out for patch notes.


  1. What are the system requirements for these games?

    You’ll need a modern PC if you’re diving into any of the games we mentioned. We’re talking at least an i5 processor (or its equivalent), 8GB RAM, a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card, and a speedy internet connection to enjoy all those excellent graphics and online play. 

  2. How do I connect with other players in these games?

    most of these games come with cool multiplayer modes so you can join or create your own teams, guilds, or alliances. Don’t forget about in-game chat and external platforms like Discord for planning your game sessions and strategies together.

  3. Are there any free multiplayer space games?

    Looking for wallet-friendly options? Some multiplayer space games like “Star Conflict” and “EVE Online” let you jump in for free, with optional purchases to spruce up your experience.

  4. How can I keep up with updates and new releases?

    To keep up with all the latest game updates, new releases, or expansions, following the games’ official websites and social media is a smart move. And for the inside scoop, joining communities on Reddit, game forums, or Discord can give you news straight from the developers. Don’t forget to check out newsletters and gaming news sites for a broader view of what’s happening in the world of multiplayer space games and the latest buzz in the scene.


PC gamers in 2024 will find the depths of space incredibly enticing, with a vast array of titles to choose from. The five games listed here are just a glimpse of the many options available. Every game offers a unique intergalactic experience with its distinct flavor.

There’s something for everyone, from strategic domination to freeform roleplaying and adrenaline-fueled combat. However, it’s essential to remember that the game goes beyond just the gameplay. It’s about the vast universe it offers and the connections you build along the way.

Come and join our community, where you can share your experiences, lend a helping hand to others, and enjoy the exciting gaming world. Get ready to explore the vastness of space with your trusted companions by your side. Make sure your thrusters are prepared for the adventure ahead! 

The way space games have changed over time shows how creative people are and how interested we are in the unknown. As technology improves and new game design areas are explored, we can only imagine the exciting and engaging experiences that lie ahead for us in space. The game choices in 2024 have never been more exciting, no matter how much you know about space travel or if you’re starting.

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